Sleek, elegant, and a bit dangerous. The new generation of the Aurora 88 is here…and we have it.

With the success of the Black Mamba, we knew that something just as beautiful had to be right around the corner with Aurora. Thankfully, we were right. Introducing the Blue Mamba, the new colorway of the Mamba LE series that will add a bit of intensity to your pen collection.

The Blue Mamba is the epitome of what Aurora does right: style, craftsmanship, and a sophistication that has come out of their Torino factory since 1919. This pen is as much form as it is function, a total balance of style and design to compete with any pen in the market.

To start with, and perhaps most striking of all, the Blue Mamba’s barrel and cap are a stunning display of artistry and precision technology. Using a technique called guilloche, the pen’s resin body has been carved in an intricate pattern to resemble the scales of the African snake’s skin. This “grano di riso” pattern is unique to Aurora’s Mamba line and will stand out among your other pens.

Moving down to the nib of the pen, one finds another surprise. No, not a venomous fang, but something just as intriguing: a solid 18-karat gold nib in a midnight blue. A unique color for a distinctive look unlike any other Aurora that pairs beautifully against the ebonite nib feed. The cap is threaded with a 1.5 turn closure and posts to add balance and comfort for writers.

Nibs are available in six sizes: EF, F, M, B, and BB. It is a piston-filler style pen.

The Blue Mamba is a testament that a heritage brand can continue to evolve and create pieces that are contemporary yet classic. Utilizing new techniques and an electrifying palette, the Blue Mamba shows the best of the brand while still hearkening back to its flagship 88 model. Because of this, pen collectors both new and old will want to add one to their collection.

Lucky for you, we can help. Order yours today. There are only 888 units in this collection, so act fast.