The Codex project takes inspiration from the “Cryptex”, invented by Dan Brown in his bestseller “The Da Vinci Code” and attributed
by the writer to Leonardo da Vinci. The name Cryptex, born from the union of “cryptology” and “codex”, is an imaginary device that
inside the book conceals informations, reachable by guessing the correct sequence of letters among those present on the five rotating
disks in marble. Once the letters that make up the code are aligned, the corresponding internal notches are arranged in such a way as
to allow the opening of the cylinder, just as for Codex. A suggestive and fascinating idea, that Pininfarina dedicates to all the fans of the
“Da Vinci Code” and to all those who like to think that the creation of Cryptex is really born from the genius of Leonardo, to relive
a little of the mystery evoked by the novel.
Codex is a Pininfarina creation dedicated to those who love the history contained behind it, a tale made up of enigmas, quotes and
craftsmanship, a real Made in Italy masterpiece.


Pininfarina Codex – NPKRE01685 – $895

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