Design 04

Pure elegance. Perfected in shape.

Design 04 is a tribute to aesthetic straightforwardness. Subtle design that is uncompromisingly subordinate to its purpose. Compact dimensions ensure a remarkable handling that is unparalleled. Technical sophistication and high-quality materials. Based on an original design by Otto Hutt. Classical design thought into the future and completed by hand.
Best workmanship, perfect functionality, valuable sustainability – in Design 04 in Otto Hutt’s original design, the spirit of the inventor is shown in its most beautiful form. This perfect fountain pen combines classic design with traditional craftsmanship. The creative minds in production at Otto Hutt continue the simple design in the sense of the creator of the writing instruments. On the other hand, the loving and precise processing of each piece is not easy at all.
A very special feature for the high precision of mechanical production is also the spring clip, made of solid brass, refined with a layer of high-quality platinum or rose gold and perfect in its function. The fittings of the models in Allblack are coated with PVD.
Lovers of Otto Hutt writing instruments appreciate individuality and uniqueness – because that’s exactly why they acquire them: Every product of the Otto Hutt brand is unique, provided with a six-digit numerical code, which is engraved in the cap. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, anytime, anywhere, unambiguously and – for a lifetime.
  • Cap sleeve made of brass with highly polished platinum or rose gold coating, resp. PVD coated.
  • With the special Otto Hutt nib with Otto Hutt logo, which identifies the writing instrument as original, available in the stitch thicknesses EF, F, M and B
  • optionally coated with 18-carat gold spring, bicolor or PVD.
  • Each fountain pen comes with a suitable converter for the use of individual ink
  • Including silver or microfiber cleaning cloth, instruction manual and certificate
  • Length 13.2cm, length open 12.3cm, diameter 11.8mm, weight about 38.7gr.

See the many engraving options HERE

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Black and Platinum

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Black Matt Guilloche

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Blue Matt Guilloche

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Black and Platinum Wave

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Blue and Platinum Wave

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Black and Rose

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White and Rose Wave

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Black and Rose Wave