Design C

Limited. Puristically elegant.
Exclusivity as a statement.
designC celebrates the 100th anniversary of Otto Hutt.
Designed by Mark Braun. Manufactured by master craftsmen in the Black Forest.
Inspired by the progressive design approaches of the Bauhaus. Shaped by the craft – Mark Braun has made a name for himself as an exceptional product designer. He created the designC for Otto Hutt, combining his contemporary design with excellent vertical integration in quality and competence.
A consistent and yet minimalist design language. From the cap to the barrel – new standards of elegance. Made of precious 925 sterling silver, immaculately finished. designC promises stability for eternity. Smooth in the hand. Well-balanced on paper. The matt black, PVD-coated writing unit sets qualitative and ergonomic standards. A slim, flawless line with the highest functionality. The index in 18-carat gold on the barrel and cap replaces the “classic” clip.
Limited Edition of 500 pieces world wide.

Fountain Pen

Model: OH 028-11380 – 18k Nib – F – $4250

Model: OH 018-11380 – 18k Nib – M – $4250

Model: OH 068-11380 – 18k Nib – B – $4250

Filling system

Pull+Twist™ as filling mechanism – innovation as modernly interpreted homage to craftsmanship. A slow pulling brings the Pull+Twist™ mechanism into the filling position. Turning it clockwise creates a vacuum inside the fountain pen. The designC absorbs ink through it – as a world first, this complex mechanism is entirely consistent with the character of Otto Hutt’s 100th anniversary.


Luxuriously wrapped, addressed to collectors. designC comes in an expressive silver box. An ideal gift for lovers of fine and limited edition writing instruments.

Leather Case

Designed by Mark Braun and made of southern German thumbled leather. The vegetable-tanned and natural product is in harmony with sustainability, a philosophy for which Otto Hutt is internationally renowned. The elegant leather case included in the box shows that exclusivity does not end with the writing instrument.

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