Considered by many to be the premiere jewelry retailer of the South, M.P. Demetre Jewelers has become a staple of Charleston for more than forty years. Located on King Street, this retailer is in a prime location to mix with tourists, businessmen, and the history Old Money of the South.

What makes Demetre unique is two-fold. First, the level of care and attention given to each customer adds an exceptional level of personal service that is unmatched in the Charleston area. By building relationships, Demetre can create a lasting impression long after the sale or consultation is over.

This leads into the second unique feature of Demetre. It has a veritable old-world charm. Located in a former bank, the moneyed influence on the architecture lends itself very nicely into the general atmosphere of the location. Silent, respectable, and welcoming, the Demetre facade invites new customers in, knowing they will leave as lifelong supporters of the brand.

As Charleston’s only official Rolex dealer, this retailer has made a global name for itself as a trusted partner. Because of this, Kenro Industries feels especially fortunate to be stocking some of our top brands and products in their location. Currently, we stock some of our most popular lines from Montegrappa, including the F1, which has been a hit across the country. We also stock many of our top-selling Esterbrooks and have a shared history with Accutron, as does Esterbrook with our exclusive collaboration with the Citizen Watch brand.

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